À la carte

Small salad is served with * mark.

Potage (Green peas thick soup) ¥760
Sirloin Steak* ¥3,660
Amiyaki (Gyu-Losu)* ¥3,660
Gin-Kushi-Yaki (Barbecue-Fu)* ¥2,690
Pork steak (Buta-Losu)* ¥2,170
Grill-Chicken* ¥1,600

*Grilled chicken with original garlic soy sauce.

Beef Stew* ¥2,690
Tongue Stew* ¥1,945
Pork Chop (Buta-Losu)* ¥2,170
Hamburg Steak* ¥1,480
Hayashi Beef* ¥1,145
Beef Cutlet (Gyu-Fillet)* ¥2,745

*Beef fillet cutlet.

Fillet Cutlet (Buta-Fillet)* ¥2,170

*Pork fillet cutlet.

Hitokuchi Cutlet (Buta-Losu)* ¥1,945
7 pieces of small pork loin cutlet (180g)
Pork Cutlet (Buta-Losu)* ¥1,480
Sliced pork loin cutlet (150g)
Chicken Cutlet* ¥1,480
Ebi-Furai* ¥1,720

*Deep-fried breaded prawns.

Kaki-Furai(available from from Nov. to Mar.) ¥1,430
Mix-Furai* ¥2,060

*Assorted deep-fried dishes: pork fillet, prawn and chicken (or oyster).
*Oyster served only in winter.

Cream Croquette ¥970
Omelet ¥860

Coquille & Gratin

*Give us time for baking!

Ebi Coquille ¥1,830

*Baked shrimp in a white sauce.

Kani Coquille ¥1,600

*Baked crab meat in a white sauce.

Chicken Coquille ¥1,480

*Baked chicken in a white sauce.

Macaroni Gratin (Give us some time for preparing) ¥1,030


Kani Salad ¥1,600

*Crab meat salad

Mexican Salad ¥1,600

*Fresh vegetables, beef steak and ham with original dressing and mayonnaise.

Ham and Salad ¥1,480
Chicken Salad ¥1,480
Yasai Salad ¥800
*Fresh vegetable with original dressing.


Spaghetti Meat Sauce ¥860

*Spaghetti with meat sauce

Spaghetti Napolitan ¥860

*Fried pasta with ham, vegetable and tomato ketchup.

Rice Dish

Miso soup and Japanese pickls are served with ** mark.

Bifteki-Don (Gyu-Losu)** ¥1,545

*Beef-sirloin-steak bowl with red wine flavor soy sauce.

Beef Katsu-Don (Gyu-Fillet)** ¥1,545

*Beef-fillet-cutlet simmered in a soy-flavored egg sauce, served on rice.

Mukashi no Katsu-Don (Gyu-Fillet)** ¥1,480

*Beef-fillet-cutlet served with rice, boild cabbage, fresh cucumber, and Worcester sauce.

Ebi-Don** ¥1,200

*Deep-fried-breaded-prawn simmered in a soy flavored egg sauce, served on rice.

Katsu-Don (Buta-Losu)** ¥970

*Pork-loin-cutlet simmered in a soy flavored egg sauce, served on rice.

Gratin Rice ¥1,200

*Baked butter rice in a white sauce. *Give us time for baking.

Ebi-Doria ¥1,260

*Saffron rice with white sauce and shrimp.

Ebi-Rice (Tomato-Ketchup-Aji) ¥860

*Fried rice with shrimp and tomato ketchup.

Katsu-Curry (Buta-Losu) ¥1,430

*Japanese curry on plain rice served with pork loin cutlet.

Curry Rice ¥760

*Japanese curry on plain rice served with sunny-side-up egg.

OMERICE (Shoyu-Base-Aji)) ¥795

*Fried rice with original soy sauce wrapped by egg.


*Hashed beef on plain rice.

Yaki-Meshi ¥760

*Soy-flavored fried rice.

Chicken Rice (Tomato-Ketchup-Aji) ¥760

*Tomato-ketchup flavored fried rice with chicken.

Rice ¥170

*Plain rice.


Katsu Sandwich ¥1,480

*Pork cutlet sandwich.

Tamago Sandwich ¥910

*Japanese sweet scrambled egg sandwich.

Yasai Sandwich ¥910

*Sandwich with potato salad, cucumber and tomato.

Ham Sandwich ¥860
Toast (2 pieces) ¥230

*Twe slices of toast

Set menu

Chicken Plate ¥1,210

*Grilled chicken, chicken cutlet, rice, and sunny-side upp. Served with miso soup.

PLATE SET ¥1,085

*Small OMERICE, cream croquette and salad on a plate. Served with miso soup.

LUNCH (Served dinner time as well.) ¥1,995

*Assorted popular dishes: pork sauté, deep-fried breaded prawn, salisbury steak, and cream croquette
*Served with a small salad, rice and miso soup

Wafu Gyu-Losu Teishoku ¥1,615

*Japanese style beef steak with original soy sauce. Served with a cup of rice, miso soup and Japanese pickles.

Higawari Teishoku ¥995

*Set meal of the day. (Check the black board!) Served with a cup of rice, miso soup and Japanese pickles.
Half & Half ¥1,400
*Assorted rice dishes: small OMERICE, HAYASHI-RICE, and a cream croquette. Served with miso soup.
*8% tax is included.